CAPM responds to two bills

19 Jan

There are two MN House bills that CAPM is concerned about.

HF 64 would designate English as the official language of Minnesota.

However, HF 64 would repeal Minnesota Statute 2010, section 15.441, which would strip non-English speaking populations’ access to important information and services in their native language. HF 64 also includes language that requires driving license exams to be conducted only in English and without the assistance of an interpreter.

CAPM recognizes and supports English proficiency among all Minnesotans to enable the full economic and civic participation of all Minnesotans. However, removing linguistic services for non-English proficient populations would threaten their rights and well-being. HF 64 would only frustrate that goal of increased English proficiency by outlawing programs and services designed to bring new Americans into the mainstream of our society.CAPM does not support HF 64 as it would impede the overall well-being of Minnesotans, many of whom are new immigrants and refugees with limited English proficiency

Sec. 5. of HF 2 would include the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans under Sunset Review, which is a process to eliminate state agencies.

Elimination of the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans would remove vital services needed by one of newest and most vulnerable communities in Minnesota.  CAPM does not support the inclusion of the Council on Asian-Pacific Minnesotans in Sec. 5. of HF 2 as it would impede the overall well-being of all Minnesotans.

CAPM opposes both bills and full responses from CAPM are included in the links below:

The links provide information about the proposed bills and authors of the bills.

Official language on the bills can be found at (search using the “Get Bill” search on the left sidebar.)


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2 responses to “CAPM responds to two bills

  1. Brian Kao

    January 24, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    Note to self and public: According to 2000 Census,

    98.23% of all Minnesotans speak only English or English “very well” or “well”

    79% of all Minnesotans who speak a language other than English at home, speak it “very well” or “well”

  2. Brian Kao

    January 25, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    Another way to look at it is less than 1% (0.3717%) of Minnesotans reported to speak English less than “well.”

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