Update on HF 2 and HF 173, Sunset review

02 Feb
Peppin (32A)

Peppin (32A)

Another sunset bill, House File 173 (Peppin), was heard in the State Government Operations Committee on Jan 26th.


Under this bill, state agencies are reviewed by a sunset commission whom then create a report, given to the legislature, which presents their findings on the efficiency of the agency. It will also make recommendations regarding the abolition, transfer, and/or improvement of each agency reviewed. The commission will then work with the legislature  to introduce the legislation needed to carry out the recommendation(s) of the commission. A similar committee exists in Texas and has closed nearly 58 agencies.

All state agencies would be under sunset review, including the four councils of color (Asian Pacific, Chicano Latino, Black, and Indian Affairs). Essentially, the councils of color would be due to expire on June 30, 2013 unless the sunset commission deems otherwise.

Other agencies set to expire on this date include: Department of Health, Department of Human Rights, Department of Human Services, all health-related licensing boards listed in section 214.01,  Council on Disabilities, and all advisory groups associated with these agencies.

The bill passed and will next be heard in State Government Finance.

To view HF 173 its entirety, click here


House File 2 (Banaian) was also heard in the committee.  Like Representative Peppin’s bill, certain state agencies will expire unless the commissions deems otherwise. The same state agencies are due to expire on June 30th, 2013 as in HF 173. HF2 was passed to State Government Financed.

To view HF2 in it’s entirety, click here

To listen to the hearing, please click here

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