HF 130 / SF 60, the first (almost) $1 billion cut

09 Feb

On a fast track through House and Senate committees, the DFL has raised concerns about the GOP supported “Phase One” budget bill (HF 130 / SF 60). After passing conference committee, the bill cuts $901 million from the state budget but includes cuts to:

  • child and community services grants by $27.3 million (22% cut),
  • emergency general assistance funds by $12 million (66% cut),
  • county child support enforcement by $7 million,
  • and adult mental health services for those under State Operated Services by $1.7 million.

The bill bypassed the Senate Health and Human Services Committee where individuals affected by these cuts could have an opportunity to provide public input.

Do these cuts affect you or people you know? The bill is on it’s way to Gov. Dayton’s desk.

To watch the conference committee on this bill, visit here.

For more info on the effects of the bill, visit here.


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