Upcoming bills and issues affecting education

10 Feb

Senate set to vote today on 2-year salary freeze for public schools

Supporters say the two-year freeze would help keep more teachers employed and stabilize the budgets of school districts and charter schools. Opponents argue the mandate takes away local control with little financial benefit and no assurance that jobs would be saved.

Minnesota state senator introduces tuition-freeze bill

State Senator John Carlson (R-Bemidji) introduced Senate File 268, which would temporary freeze tuition and limit tuition increase thereafter.

Senator Carlson is scheduled to speak during Student Day at the Capitol on Wednesday, February 16 . The group will gather at the Capitol steps at 11:30 a.m.

Higher Education leader have voiced their opposition to the bill.


In his State of the State Address yesterday, Gov. Dayton previewed his budget and asked legislators to increase funding for K-12 education. He did not hint at a similar financial push for higher education but acknowledged rising tuition in Minnesota’s public colleges and universities. From MN Daily


In cuts made in HF 130 / SF 60, nearly $48 million would be cut from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnScu) and about $44 million cut from the University of Minnesota each year (for a total of $185 million cut over the next biennium).

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