Looking for info on Gov. Dayton’s budget?

15 Feb

Overall, Dayton’s budget raises more than $4 billion in revenue while making $950 million in permanent cuts. Key highlights are:

  • Tax Increases for the State’s Wealthiest Residents
  • No Cuts to Local Government Aid Programs
  • Education: Increase Funding for All-Day Kindergarten
  • Education: Increase Funding to Close the Achievement Gap
  • Maintains Funding for Healthy Living Programs
  • Health Care: Eliminates MinnesotaCare coverage for 7,200 people
  • Cuts to Welfare Programs
  • Cuts to the state’s workforce
  • Increase Taxes on Homes Worth More Than $1 Million
  • No Tax Increases for Most Minnesotans

Find details on these bullet points on the Gov’s powerpoint presentation:

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Minnpost and MPR has also reported on the budget released this morning, find details in the following links:

MPR’s Live blog:

More coverage from MPR:

Coverage from Minnpost:


Some more details raised on the twitter feed:

  • Dayton proposes hiking Medical Assistance surcharges by $625 mil, cut homecare 4.5% and nursinghome rates
  • Eliminates MNCare for adults with incomes above 200% of poverty.
  • Gov. Dayton’s two-year budget: increases E-12 funding, targets young learners & rewards achievement & innovation
  • More details of the budget at
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