More headlines of the day 2/15/2011

15 Feb

GOP pushes for cross-border health insurance purchases

Republicans are pushing to allow individuals and small groups to buy health insurance across state lines.  Tom Miller of the conservative American Enterprise Institute says allowing people to buy out-of-state policies would increase competition, potentially lower insurance premiums, and give consumers more choices.

The Dayton administration opposes the GOP’s bill, saying those mandates have a purpose. “I think it’s important that Minnesotans get the benefits and opportunities that we have in our laws,” said Michael Rothman, Minnesota’s new commerce commissioner. He said Minnesota has enacted consumer protection laws for a reason — to protect Minnesotans from unfair insurance practices. He worries that insurers will flock to lower-regulated states and end up lowering the standards for all health insurance.


Human services cut in Dayton budget

Long-term care providers would have their payment rates reduced as part of Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget plan released Tuesday. The governor is proposing a 4.5 percent cut to home and community-based services. Nursing homes would have their reimbursements cut by 2 percent.


FAQ: Making sense of Dayton’s budget proposal

Find thew answer to these questions:

  • Dayton proposes raising taxes in his budget. Who would be affected?
  • How would Minnesota’s income tax rate compare to other states under Dayton’s proposal?
  • Dayton proposes cuts to MinnesotaCare, higher education, health and human services, the state government work force. How much money are we talking about and who would be impacted?
  • How likely is it that this will be the state’s next two-year budget?
  • Does Dayton’s budget cut funding for welfare programs?
  • Does Dayton’s budget proposal create any new government programs or initiatives?
  • Dayton says he’s increasing funding for early childhood and K-12 education. How much of an impact would there be?
  • Does the budget preserve funding for local farmers markets and other small-scale health initiatives?
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