MN GOP release budget targets

10 Mar

3/14/2011 Update: MN Budget Bites has a nice table summary of all proposed budget targets at their website.


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Senate Republican leadership released their chamber’s budget-cutting targets today. Most of the cuts fell in the areas of health and human services, tax aids and credits and state government spending.

  • Health and human services will be cut by $1.6 billion
  • $780 million reduction to tax aids and credits,
  • $500 million from state government and veterans
  • $400 million cut in the area of higher education.
  • Jobs and Economic Growth will also see a $65 million cut.

Only two areas appear to have been spared from cuts – judiciary and public safety and K-12 education.

The targets set up a framework for committees as they race toward a March 25 deadline for all finance bills in the Legislature.

Leadership was mute on details, refusing to name specific programs that might get the ax while acknowledging that they have an idea where some of these cuts might land. “This is a framework, there are no details here,” Geoff Michel said. “That’s what the committee process is for.”

Source of this information is Politics in Minnesota.

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