Over the Weekend- Saturday, August 13, 2011

16 Aug

This past weekend was busy for the India Association of Minnesota Asian’s IndiaFest and Vietnamese Community of Minnesota’s Summer Festival.

IndiaFest— a celebration of India’s Independence Day held at the State Capitol over the weekend. Walking towards the festival I heard the lively music even before I could see the vendors at the event. I couldn’t help but move my shoulders to the beat of the music and want to pick up my heels and dance Bollywood style. As I approached the festival the savory smell of curry distracted me from the lively music. While eating tasty treats we were able to visit many of the vendors at the fair which included displays from Indian language and cultural schools, Indian dance theatres, state organizations and many businesses. Also contributing to the vibrant feel of the festival were singing and dancing performances, henna painting and kite flying.

The festival was hosted by the India Association of Minnesota (IAM) whose aim is to build a strong and cohesive community of Asian Indians in the state of Minnesota. For more information on IAM please visit their website:

Summer Festival— held at Wolfe Park Veteran’s Memorial Amphitheater located in St. Louis Park.  The day started off with a friendly competition of volleyball in the morning, in the afternoon and into the evening was a display of lively cultural entertainment included lion dance, traditional folk music and dance, singing, and fashion shows. Raffle drawings and a watermelon eating contest enticed the attendees to participate in the event claiming the attention of the audience young and old. In attendance at the festival was Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar who enjoyed a bowl of Vietnamese noodles while enjoying some of the performances.

The Vietnamese Community of Minnesota holds the Summer Festival annually and uses this space to showcase the different organizations that exist within the local Vietnamese community. For more information, please visit their website at:

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