MN Management & Budget NEWS RELEASE: Current Law Allocates Entire Balance to Restoring Reserves

01 Dec

(note from CAPM: the news of a budget surplus today is big news as it was expected that MN would be facing another budget deficit).


St. Paul—Minnesota Management & Budget Commissioner Jim Schowalter released the November budget forecast which shows an improvement in the state’s fiscal position. An estimated $876 million dollar balance is projected for the 2012-13 biennium, all of which is used to restore state reserves.

The 2011 fiscal year closed with revenues $358 million higher than expected and expenditures $205 million below prior estimates. Projected revenues for the 2012-13 biennium are expected to be relatively unchanged and projected expenditures are anticipated to be $348 million less. The combination of these factors yields a projected $876 million balance. The majority of projected expenditure reductions are accounted for in the Health and Human Services area.

Long-standing state statute is triggered by this forecast balance, directing this balance to the state’s cash flow account ($255 million) and the budget reserve ($621 million). If the balance were larger, current law would direct the additional dollars to buy-back the K-12 education shift.

“This is obviously good news and a helpful break from recurring budget gaps. It’s also a reminder that Minnesota still has some significant strengths – above average economic performance and the discipline to quickly stabilize its finances. Future risk remains, but at least we now have a cushion,” Schowalter said.

Forecast economic growth is projected down for the remainder of 2011 and 2012 compared to the February forecast but Minnesota continues to slightly outperform the national U.S. economy.

The forecast shows a projected deficit of $1.3 billion for fiscal years 2014-15.

A complete report of the November forecast can be found on the MMB website at

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