Precinct caucuses next Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 2012, 7 pm

02 Feb

What is a precinct caucus?

Precinct caucuses are meetings organized by Minnesota’s political parties to begin the process of selecting candidates for the 2012 election and policy positions to shape the party platform. Caucuses are held in locations across Minnesota, are open to the public, and participation is encouraged.

Where is my precinct caucus meeting?

To find your caucus, visit:

Why attend a precinct caucus?
Going to a precinct caucus provides an opportunity for the public to voice a concern, support a candidate or champion issues such as education, transportation, the environment and many others.

Who can participate in precinct caucuses?
Precinct caucuses are open to the public and anyone can attend  to observe. However, to participate, a person must reside in that precinct and must not be an active member of any other political party.

What should I expect at a precinct caucus?
According to MN law, the caucus meeting must begin at 7 p.m., and Robert’s Rules of
Order for parliamentary procedure are used throughout the meeting. You can expect some of the following at your caucus meeting:

  • Discuss public policy issues and pass resolutions
    • Caucuses provide a forum for citizens to engage their neighbors in a conversation on a wide range of public policy and political issues. Attendees may also offer and vote on resolutions to shape the party’s platform.
  • Vote in a straw poll
    • Political parties may conduct a straw poll to gauge caucus attendees’ candidate preferences for state or federal elected offices.
  • Elect precinct officers
    • Caucus attendees elect officers who will be responsible for organizing political activities within the precinct.
  • Elect delegates
    • Caucus attendees elect delegates and alternates to represent their precinct at the political party’s county or district convention. District convention delegates in turn, elect delegates to the political party’s congressional and state conventions. Delegates influence which candidates and policy positions their party ultimately endorses.

For more info, visit

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