State of the Asian Pacific Minnesotans Post-event Recap

19 Apr


Thank you to everyone that attended the State of the Asian Pacific Minnesotans Census Presentation and CensusReport release—on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at Wilders Foundation. The event, co-sponsored by the Minnesota State Demographic Center and the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans, detailed the demographic changes in the Asian Pacific community in Minnesota over the past decade.

Following the welcome, State Demographer, Susan Brower, and CAPM staff, Sandy Kwan, presented US Census data on Asian Pacific populations in Minnesota, which included data on population growth of the Asian Pacific populations, increased visibility, improvements, and challenges.

Key highlights of the presentation:

  • As a whole, the Asian community has improved in the areas of educational attainment, employment and poverty in the past 3 decades.
  • Asians have a diverse population, but there is also intra-ethnic diversity
  • Many Southeast Asians are working in low skilled occupations and facing challenges in the areas of educational attainment and poverty.
  • A large portion of the South Asian ancestry group is foreign-born population, many of which come to find educational and occupational opportunities.
  • The East Asian ancestry group is doing relatively well in the areas of educational attainment, employment and poverty.

Community members engaged in breakout sessions to share their reactions on the data and their concerns on the topics presented in the presentation. Asian Pacific population growth in Minnesota was greater than the national average, the increased visibility of API can be seen in the work place, schools and communities.

CAPM board member, Tran Nhon, commented on how the growth will affect the future workforce of Minnesota, “governmental organizations are targeting Asians as a group to work within their union because soon there will not be any more new Caucasian members.” For more details on the conversation from the day please follow this link: BreakoutNotes

If you would like a copy of the presentation or report, please contact Sandy Kwan at

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