Gearing up for the Elections

01 Oct

Gearing up for the Elections- by Denny Cheng, intern at the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans

Asian Americans recently have surpassed Hispanic Americans as the fastest growing immigration population in America [1]. With 430,000 new Asian Americans immigrating to America in 2008 [1], the Asian American community hold power both politically and socially to sway the vote. With the Presidential election season around the corner statistically only 53% [2] of eligible Asian Americans are registered to vote, that’s almost 50% of the Asian population that is not registered. With the untapped voter demographics, politicians are seeing the potential Asian Americans posses as a community.

Video by CCTVNews

Political parties recently are starting to enact campaigns that directly target Asian Americans across the nation. Understanding that the power Asian Americans hold, states are providing voters registration in several languages across the country. Minnesota among other states are provide voter registration forums in various languages like Hmong and Vietnamese relaying accessibility for various cultural generations to vote. With this power we as a community can directly influence whom we want as President allowing our needs and voice to be heard.

A vote that each individual submits represents a voice of an individual and also a community. This voice of Asian America is missing, without voting we as a community cannot express what our diverse community needs and wants. Voting holds potential to spread the American dream of freedom and equal opportunity in many forms and expressions. The 2012 Presidential election is on November 6th, 2012, and the Asian American community will affect the outcome of the race.

Voting translates into more than a simple checkmark; it represents our right to live the American dream. Our right as American citizens and residents only work if we speak out and choose what we want need. This is the time to step up and speak out for not only what we as individuals want but what we as a community want. As a community of Asian Americans we need to make history and speak out for what we want, what we stand for and take back the vote.

For voting registration questions and information please refer here. Refer here for voting information in both Hmong and Vietnamese.


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