NAPAWF’s seeking a Deputy Director

08 Apr

NAPAWF’s mission is to build a movement to advance social justice and human rights for AAPI women and girls. We have a small but dynamic staff (6.5 staff members) making big impact by ensuring that the voices of AAPI women and girls are included at the policy table. We rely on

our Executive Director to lead our visibility, policy, and fundraising work, and ultimately to be
the spokesperson for the organization.  We also have a strong and supportive national governing board that has approved a strategic plan prioritizing the strengthening of leadership development throughout all aspects of the organization.  Do see for more information.

For the Deputy Director position:
• NAPAWF is looking for a strong leader who can help drive organization infrastructure so that
staff members have the resources and support to develop their programmatic work. Someone
who has the creative ingenuity to help staff transform a big picture idea into concrete
operating infrastructure that can be integrated with programatic efforts.
• An ideal candidate would be someone who has experience managing internal staff dynamics
and can manage up, down, and sideways.
• The four general bucket areas of work include: 1) Organizational Leadership, 2) Policy
Advocacy, 3) Fundraising and Communication, and 4) Finance, HR, and Administration.
• The board has prioritized organizational leadership skills. Even though the candidate does not
have to have extensive experience with finance, HR, and fundraising, the candidate should
not be afraid of numbers and demonstrate an aptitude for budgets and financial spreadsheets.

Please send out this information to your amazing network of people.  It will mean relocating to either New York or Washington D.C. as that is where all the national policy action is happening!

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