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Alert: Telephone Scam Targeting Refugees

This was received from the Office of Refugee Resettlement:

Dear friends,

In early January, we circulated a message concerning a telephone scam targeting refugees.  At that time, a man was calling Bhutanese refugees, identifying himself as a representative of the “Federal Grants Department” from a Washington, DC-based telephone number, 202-436-9601, informing recently resettled refugees that they were eligible to receive $10,000 because they are refugees from Bhutan.  To claim the money, they were instructed to produce a money order for $650, and call the telephone number for further instructions on where to send the money.

We have received updated reports that the scam is still on-going, but some of the details have since changed.  Most recently, refugees (again, still Bhutanese) have received calls from a man who identifies himself as “Nathan Price with the IRS” calling from a different DC-based telephone number, 202-657-4189, who instructs the refugees to have money wired to various people in India.

The most recent target of this scam lost over $6,000.

ORR advises everyone to be aware of this scam, and avoid giving any personal information or making payments to unknown callers.

Please note that the federal government does not demand processing fees, security deposits, or overseas wire transfers from grant recipients or refugees.  If you are the target of a suspicious request, please contact your local police or resettlement agency for further assistance.

Please share this advisory widely within your own networks.


Reports of refugee families victimized by the recent telephone scam targeting Bhutanese refugees have come in from Texas, Washington State, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska.

We have been advised that victims of this scam should file an online report at; once enough incidents occur as tracked through that site, the FBI will pursue the case.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

ORR will continue to update this page as necessary.  Please help to spread the word throughout the refugee community and service providers network.  Thank you.

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Working with Refugees in Minnesota

Working with Refugee Families in the Child Welfare System

children with a world globe

Patricia Shannon, PhD, LP
Jennifer Simmelink, MSW

This module provides information about the major refugee groups in Minnesota, the Karen, Bhutanese, Oromo, Somali, and Iraqi. It provides political and cultural context for these groups as well as information about factors that impact them in the child welfare system. It also includes recommendations for child welfare workers who work with these populations.

NOTE: CEU credit is not available for this module because it can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Follow the link below to watch the presentation.

Watch the module on  Working with Refugee Families in the Child Welfare System


Health Literacy: Implications for Immigrant and Refugee Families

 mother and children

Hee Yun Lee, PhD

This modules explores the relationship between health literacy, health outcomes, and health disparities with special attention to children and families and immigrants and refugees.  It provides specific examples of how health literacy can affect health outcomes and offers interventions to respond to health literacy needs and to reduce health disparities.

Follow this link to watch the module.


Taking the Quiz and Earning Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)

At the end of this module, you will be given a choice to connect to the quiz for the module.  Upon successful completion of the quiz (80% or above correct), there will be a link to a secure site to pay a minimal fee for the CEHs and receive a CEH completion certificate.  The module has a value of 1 CEH ($15.00).

Back to Online Learning Modules page

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What will college cost? Calculate it at each school’s website, to find net cost, after aid

All U.S. colleges and universities must now feature calculators to calculate the cost of going to college on their websites:

Parents and students plug in information about family finances and, in some cases, academic stats such as grade-point average, class rank and ACT scores. The calculators spew out a financial aid estimate and subtract it from the sticker price of tuition and other college costs, such as room, board and books.


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Science Fusion: 1st Annual Asian Americans in Science Day

Science Fusion: Asian Americans in Science
Saturday, January 7th, 2012 1-4p.m.
Science Museum of Minnesota
120 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102
(651) 221-9444

2012 marks the first ever annual Asian Americans in Science Day at the Science Museum. Meet science and professionals representing different backgrounds from SE Asia to the mainland and the Pacific Islands. Learn about what they do and discover inspiring contributions they have made to technology, health care, and innovation in Minnesota.

All activities are included with admission.

Science Fusion is a four-part series that brings together scientific and educational professionals to connect with children and adults. Read the rest of this entry »

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Health Disparities Research Speaker: Mental Health in Ethnic Populations

The Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series on Health Disparities Research continues with Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, MD, PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine, Director, UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities. The topic is TBA and will be broadcast over the Web via Mediasite for off-site viewing.

When: 12:00-1:00, Friday, December 9
Where: 2-530 Moos Tower
To attend this event, please RSVP to:

Click here for more information.

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So, How are the Children? – Education Forum Recap (post updated Nov. 1, 2011)

Post updated: November 1, 2011
We have uploaded a complete 16-page summary of the forum and also provided requested information about MN Dept. of Education’s NCLB waiver application.
Education Forum 2011 - Oct. 1

Education Forum 2011 - Oct. 1

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