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Speak Up, Speak Out, Speak Now – Youth Conference recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our first ever Asian Pacific Youth Conference– Speak Up, Speak Out, Speak Nowon Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the State Capitol. To kick off the event, conference committee members introduced the purpose of the conference: to become the voices of their generation.  Youth council member, Shoreyeah Yang, spoke of the Council’s “resolve to get involved and work to improve conditions for Asian youth to live their best lives.”

Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey welcomed the 80 plus participants. Executive Director, Ilean Her spoke about the Tools of Civic Engagement—“like a driver needs car and roads to drive on, to become an involved citizen you need paper, pen and ideas.” It is with their ideas in mind that attendees were able to openly talk about issues in their lives and formulate solutions.  Youth council members facilitated workshops on topic issues;

  • bullying
  • education
  • human rights and sex trafficking
  • crime prevention
  • jobs and the economy

At the public forum, youth presented on their ideas of solutions and many read their letters they wrote to elected officials to the audience.  Throughout the event, the youth felt positive that change can happen and that their voices were being heard.

The attendees’ participation spoke to the importance of being active in the community. The youth became the change agents on Saturday, and it was their contributions that will help make Minnesota a better place to live. Letters written to elected officials were delivered with an APYC conference summary of the day. To view photos please visit us on flicker.

Although Senator Al Franken was unable to attend the conference, he sent a video highlighting the importance of the Asian Pacific voice in Minnesota’s community.

For more information on the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans or on the Asian Pacific Youth Council please contact the Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans at

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